A few words from Nancy:

JECC is a dream 10 years in the making. I’m a lifelong entrepreneur and have owned and operated establishments¬†in the business services, fitness and food service industries. I started drinking coffee and fell in love with everything about it; how its culture brings people together, how it cultivates and fosters lasting relationships, and of course how it tastes!

I can’t resist the opportunity to affect positive change of a person’s day. As a dear friend in the coffee industry once told me, for some people, the difference between a good day and a bad one hinges on that morning cup of coffee.

Beyond my love of coffee and my customer motivation, I want to build something I would be proud to leave my children, for whom the business is named. JECC is their legacy; I want to build it to be able to give back to them for all the joy and love they’ve provided my husband and I.